Trump Bites is the proud winner of the 2019 Webby Award for Best Animated Series.


Still image from Trump Bites depicting a massive titan of industry shaking a tiny Trump's hand.

Trump Bites

Short animated films based on actual Donald Trump audio clips, hand-drawn by Academy Award nominee Bill Plympton. This Webby Award-winning viral series premiered on the New York Times web site, where it led all content for three straight days. View the first three episodes here.

Bodycam image from officer involved in the case examined in Doctor's Orders.

Doctor's Orders

A true crime series about a suburban doctor who conspires with an outlaw motorcycle gang to sell opioids, and to murder his wife. In collaboration with Academy Award nominee Joe Berlinger.

Photo of refugee face with eye graphic.


A character-driven docu-series about blockchain (the technology behind bitcoin), which promises to tackle global problems from human trafficking to electoral fraud. Can we trust this new technology? Dan Rather is the narrator and Executive Producer.

Detail of original Reefer Madness poster.

Dan Rather's Reefer Madness

A documentary that uses the cult classic Reefer Madness as a window on America's complex relationship with marijuana. Co-production with Dan Rather and Bob Shaye, the founder of New Line Cinema.

Lebbeus Woods

Ted and Aaron

A feature-length documentary about technology and freedom, based on the writings and tragic life stories of two child prodigies.


Photograph of Billy Shebar speaking at a Tribeca Film Festival event.

Billy Shebar

Billy Shebar is an Emmy-nominated writer, director and producer of TV series and independent films. Recent credits include DarkNet for Showtime, and Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio (with Joe Berlinger) for Spike. His feature-length screenplay for Dark Matter, starring Meryl Streep, won the Alfred P. Sloan Prize at Sundance.

Illustration of David C. Roberts by Yoni Goodman.

David C. Roberts

David Roberts is a former US diplomat and physicist, turned writer/filmmaker. His articles have appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Foreign Affairs. After bouncing between five continents, he and his wife have finally settled in New York City.